it's funny because obviously you're not the real selena. if you were her true fan, you'd know she has a tumblr. her REAL tumblr.

i know i’m not selena. obvi.

i’m a roleplay..

gonna hunt down strangers on omegle xD

lmfao. that’s a good idea!

I'm okay ^.^ a little bored already and the day just started haha. so wassup?

haha i know the feeling.

eh. nothing really, just hanging around. what about you? c:

Selena, hai c: how are you?

hello doll. i’m great! :) thanks for asking. what about you, beautiful? :)

ask me questions. i’m bored. ;o

you can ask me anything. anything you desire.

I miss Demi so much. Come back to me Demi. We can be Delena again. <3


hehe. dinosaurs. rawr.

favorite picture of myself right now.

favorite picture of myself right now.

Ahh. Just made Tumblr. :)